Sunday 30 July 2023

Luc's Pro Tournament 24 (Canada)


Its great to see yet another Pro Tournament 24 being launched .. this time from Luc in Canada.
This is Luc's 2nd BMD boat. He previously built a Sea Strike 16.. it's here in this blog)

He writes:

Hi all,

Well, it was splashed down a few weeks ago, ran some tests, added trim tabs with auto trim feature and brought her to the Thousand Islands for a vacation.

She runs real nice. So very light. Planes quickly. Topped at 42knots for now. The prop has too much pitch (14x24). Ordered a 14x19. The engine wasn't even reaching 5000rpm. Aside from that, just a great great boat. No need for trim tabs aside from just side to side trimming. The ventilation plate is set at 25mm above keel bottom (i know 10mm is recommended but for some reason, it ended up higher). Does not ventilate at all in sharp turns or trimmed up.
Real nice.

And when I have a bad day, I just look at my pro tournament 24 and I feel happy again. I changed the prop to a 14x19 and it runs much better. 42knts @ 5100rpm. I guess I could go smaller, but for now, it is fine. 

Mark, maybe in 1-2 years, I'll contact you to commission plans for a 32'-37', who knows... Building a boat is such a rewarding experience. 

On the picture: wife up front, friends behind the console.

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