Friday 12 December 2014

Hugh's Sea Strike 16 (Australia)


Its great to see another Sea Strike 16 hit the water. This time its from Colt (Hugh) from Sydney.

He writes:

Hi all

We are finally afloat. Still lots of bits n pieces to do. But I just couldn't wait any longer. I'd call it a sea trial rather than a launching.

Before I'd even set foot on the boat. A couple of old blokes wanted me to settle an argument and confirm whether the boat was alloy or glass and what type of boat it was. They couldn't believe that id made it myself and then asked how much the "kit" was to buy.

The boat rides incredibly smooth. It was a windy day, but very dry in the boat. Handles the wash beautifully. She sat on about 18kts at 4000rpm. I pushed it to 5000 for a second or two and we hit 26knts. I recon it will go close to 30 at wot.

Couldn't keep the smile off my dial !!

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