Friday 28 October 2022

Gary's Cruise Control 5.2 (Australia)


Great to see yet another Cruise Control 5.2 hit the water. This time from Gary in South Australia

He writes:

Went out to the shed a few days ago and there were no more jobs to do on the boat build. So we went fishing in it.

Thanks for a great design and all the help you provided over the build.

The motor fitting only took a day even though Adrian hadn’t done an Evinrude for a few years. Was really interesting to me that it is plug and play with the set up of the controller and the electrics. It all just clips together and off you go.

As you mentioned on the phone the second hole was the one in regards to the outboard height. We tried it first and left it there after the first test runs.

The 140 Evinrude G2 does the job easily. Not sure what prop pitch etc but Adrian guessed right first time with that and we got 6000rpm WOT. The hydraulic power assisted steering and electronic throttle and gear select are really something on this motor! The boat planes quickly and seems well mannered in the choppy conditions we had on the second day of testing.

It’s fair to say I’m a happy camper. Thanks again Mark.

Only complaint is answering questions about “what make of boat is that mate (?)”, when we launch and retrieve

Overall I’m very happy with the boat after a few trips now. Lovely dry ride and feels capable for its size.

The 140 Etec seems like plenty of push and has an eye watering jump when running from just on the plane to full throttle. Talk about torque!! Also very impressed by the quietness of the motor and zero smoke at startup. Electronic throttle and gears are really nice and the power assisted hydraulic steering is sweet as.

Will try and get some figures for speed v revs etc in the weeks ahead. The place I live is Currently living up to its reputation of “ Windy Whyalla “ so will not be out for about a week going on the forecasts.

Regards Gary