Wednesday 24 August 2016

Joe's EdgeTracker 426 (Australia)


A few minutes ago I just received a few photo's from Joe and his girlfriend (from WA) on they're 4x4 fishing and camping adventures, with their EdgeTracker 426 towed behind. 

He writes:

Hi Mark, hope you are well.

Just thought I'd send you a few photo's of the boat. We are up in the Kimberley at the moment having a great time. We've had a few local fellas in the boat with us, they've all thought it is 'deadly' (Australian slang for "awesome") and I've had requests to build them one or just leave the ET with them and build myself a new one.

Cheers. Joe

We are currently bunkered down in Cygnet bay which is about 200 k's north of Broome. We are care taking at a pearl farm for the wet season. Its perfect as there is a sheltered beach to launch the boat which we've been doing regularly.

The boat 'Barry' has been copping a flogging but loves it. I've had it out in some terrible conditions, the tides here are second biggest in the world so add a bit of wind and suddenly you can be in a washing machine. Never felt unsafe but had the odd death stare from the Missus.

One day we did almost 100kms in the boat around the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago which was awesome. Once the roads are open we plan to do the Gibb river road and work our way further north.
If anyone knows of must see places or secret spots would love to hear from you.

Cheers. Joe

What an awesome Trip !!

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