Wednesday 23 August 2023

Darryl's Sea Strike 16 (Croatia)


Great to see Darryl is out again. After towing his his boat from Ireland to Croatia, time for a holiday

He writes:

We had a great time, boat was fantastic no problems over the 6 weeks yes my boat has never run out of fuel but this holiday my mates boat did and it was handy to just take out fuel and fill him up.

75lt tank was full on departure and had just over a 1/4 tank about 20lt left. Not bad for a two stroke with 5 of us onboard and had another spare 60 lt of fuel which I always take with on long trips

Sunday 30 July 2023

Luc's Pro Tournament 24 (Canada)


Its great to see yet another Pro Tournament 24 being launched .. this time from Luc in Canada.
This is Luc's 2nd BMD boat. He previously built a Sea Strike 16.. it's here in this blog)

He writes:

Hi all,

Well, it was splashed down a few weeks ago, ran some tests, added trim tabs with auto trim feature and brought her to the Thousand Islands for a vacation.

She runs real nice. So very light. Planes quickly. Topped at 42knots for now. The prop has too much pitch (14x24). Ordered a 14x19. The engine wasn't even reaching 5000rpm. Aside from that, just a great great boat. No need for trim tabs aside from just side to side trimming. The ventilation plate is set at 25mm above keel bottom (i know 10mm is recommended but for some reason, it ended up higher). Does not ventilate at all in sharp turns or trimmed up.
Real nice.

And when I have a bad day, I just look at my pro tournament 24 and I feel happy again. I changed the prop to a 14x19 and it runs much better. 42knts @ 5100rpm. I guess I could go smaller, but for now, it is fine. 

Mark, maybe in 1-2 years, I'll contact you to commission plans for a 32'-37', who knows... Building a boat is such a rewarding experience. 

On the picture: wife up front, friends behind the console.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Kosta's Sea Strike 16 & Cruise Control 5.8 (Greece)


Its great to hear from Kosta again, this time "Showing off his Girls" as he said

Kosta is a licensed BMD builder in Greece. His attention to the build and detail is awesome. 

You can find his Business Facebook page here "Ocean Sky Boatworks"

Williams Cruise Control 5.2 (Australia)

Its great to hear from Will again, sharing his fishing adventures with us

He writes

Hi Everyone,

Last trip out. No luck at our regular spots so we spent some time having a look around and found a promising lump with activity on it. We fished it for half hour or so and landed a nice breaksea cod !

 Mark & Deb... yeah mate still love getting out. They have brought in new demersal bans in WA so only 6 months of the year we can fish for demersal fish. My young fella is 16 now and 6ft 4" and the twins are nearly 5. All the boys love going out on the boat when we get a chance. Time flies. I still get great comments when people ask about the boat.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Grants Sea Strike 16 (Australia)

 Great to see yet another launching.. Grants Sea Strike 16.!!
He writes:

G'day all,

The first launch happened yesterday. Great day for a run on the river for the first time with Leisa (wife) we had calm water at the ramp and once in the water I officially gave the bow a christening with a brew and we jumped in and were underway.

Have to say its a feeling hard to describe ,wrapped in many ways. After making our way though the no wash zone I gave her a little and we were on the plan. Cold wind and chop head on, no worries. The boat feels so solid and just moves quietly through the water. Our trip was mixed conditions and with the wind hitting us on the port side the boat had a slight lean to windward part of the way so it was a perfect opportunity to try the trim tabs to level it out, no worries ...easy as.

I took the motor gradually through the whole torque curve and eventually WOT briefly. To my calcs 29.7 kts.  Five hours variable speed is required to start the run in on the Suzie.

Today out again with a mate to put some more time on the clock. Another good river run finishing with a run up the break walls to the bar entrance with a large breaking swell on the bar and swell rolling down the the walls it was a glimpse to how it will travel outside. Bloody awesome. Can't wait to go again.

Special thanks to Mark for making my dream a fantastic realty.

She looks awesome mate !!!

First fish on Grey Matter. Nice little flatty

A week later...

Hello all, 
Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm loving my sea strike 16. Took her out on her biggest run to sea, out to our local fad. The conditions were meant to be calm till mid afternoon , the wind picked up early and continued building to 30 knot + south Easter.

Ran into Tim and his sea strike 18 ( Lines out ). He had two mates onboard and at one stage I marveled at the stability of his boat watching all three of them fishing on one side, no trouble at all. Tim pulled the pin and headed for home and I followed not long after. My boat handled it so well. I had the trim tab on the wind side down around 2 thirds and the boat just punched along beautifully.

Anyway, just a few words to inspire fellow builders. Just know your in for a treat when you finish your build.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Nathan's Pro Tournament 23 (Australia)


Its's great to see Nathan back in Australia again for a quick holiday (Nathan works in Dubai as a helicopter mechanic) 

He writes:

Its been so long...Time to take boat out.... LOVE THIS BOAT !!!!!

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Pete's Riptide XR-510 (Australia)


Great to see yet another RipTide XR-510 launching. This time from Pete in Western Australia.

He writes:

Well I finally had a spare weekend to take the boat for a 4 hour shakedown run.

The weather wasn't the best, but bugger it I was going out! I was really impressed with how she performed, very smooth and quiet. I went on the swell-ward side of Bald Head, with large swell, wind chop, and it was bouncing off the Head Rock to make for an extremely rough, confused mess. Whilst being bobbed around like a cork, she felt very stable and safe.

Running through just rolling swell with wind chop was a breeze @ 20knts - no slamming and a very dry, quiet. I am very impressed and pleased.

I now know that I need to fine tune the transducers as they loose bottom at moderate speed and up. I also need to calibrate the I-pilot Link and heading sensor for the trolling motor. Pretty much what to expect following install.

Although the main purpose was for shakedown and motor run-in, I did throw a jig in for a few minutes - caught nothing.

I saw Grant from GB Marine at the ramp just after I loaded the boat back on the trailer. He reckoned I have "gone to the dark side" for installing a Yamaha. I was telling him it was all about weight as the Suzuki 70 & 90 are 150% the weight of the Yamaha.

I have some photos from back in the Sound heading back to the ramp (very hard to take while motoring, and no way was I going to take any out in the rough stuff), and a few post clean-up.

Friday 19 May 2023

Dayne's Sea Strike 18 (Australia)

 Its great to see yet another new launching of the Sea Strike 18 design. This time from Dayne (another first time boat builder !)

He writes:

I finally finished my Seastrike 18 and now its launched. Had a few runs over to Moreton Island and Straddie, so I’ve been making the most of it. Getting a good feel for it now and definitely enjoying it.

I’ve had random blokes at the boat ramp check it out and ask questions about it and take photos. Not real sure “what brand” of boat it is. They can’t believe it when I tell them that I built it in the garage. I’ve been sending them to check out the BMD website so hopefully we see a few more BMD boats getting about.

She looks awesome mate. Have fun !!!!