Monday 12 April 2021

Leslie's EdgeTracker 426 (Australia)

Its great to see yet another launching this week, this time from Leslie in Far North Queensland and his EdgeTracker 426. She looks awesome mate !!

He writes:

"The build Journey may have ended but now the fun begins
Well actually she was launched in Lake Tinaroo in early March, but I didn't post as the photo and weather were not at all good. So I have take photos of my first fishing trip from Kurrimine beach last Sunday for your consideration and envy

"This set up beats the Quintrex Explorer hands down"

"Out before daylight, back at the ramp by 9:30am"

Thursday 8 April 2021

Sams Mushulu 14 (Australia)


Its great to see another launching recently, this time From Sam & Steve and their Mushulu 14
He writes:

Lads got her wet!!!! I’m so impressed with how she handled!

Mark, the interceptors were incredible. Got up on the plane so easy.
When running the engine in and not going over half throttle she was flying. Bout 15 knots. Then about 24 knots when I opened her up. So happy with the performance.

Here's a couple of photo's !!!