Sunday 13 November 2022

Tim's Magnum 12 (Australia)


Great to see another Magnum 12 being Launched. This time from Tim in Western Australia.

He writes:

A ‘proud dad’ day recently, as we launched the little magnum. My son and his mates took off from the ramp with the 1978 6hp Johnson screaming it’s head off as he tried to get it on the plane. Too many kids, too many crab pots, tackle boxes and stuff to get it up on the plane but they had a great time.

We finished the paint job after some brilliant advice from Mark. The boat is for crabbing and mucking around in the mangroves and creeks so we thought we better put on a ‘stealth coat’, see what you think!

Thanks again Mark.

Tim built the boat for his very young teenage son and his mates, so the HP had to be low. Concerned about kids being kids, he didn't want a paint job that would no doubt get knocked around/ scratched etc so I suggested he go with a simple "cam" job using palm leaves etc . This way if the boat does get knocked about, its easy to re-paint (in minutes LOL). So the whole family jumped in a painted the boat.."cam" using spray cans. Too easy

All in all.. as long as the kids are having a blast catching fish.. that's all that matters. Good one.