Sunday 19 May 2019

Jan's Sea Strike 16 (Australia)

Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 being launched,
this time from Jan down in South Australia!!

He writes:
Launch day has arrived! 

The boat was handling like a dream! What a pleasure to cruise with! Great credit to Mark for designing such a nice boat! 

Unfortunately I had to go back to work. I'll will be installing some more toys on my next time off and do some proper runs to see what it will do with the 90HP ETEC. With 90 litres of fuel on board and four adults, it shot on the plane at half throttle.

I could not stop smiling all day!

Congrats on your launching Jan! Top one. She looks great on the water mate !  
Looking forward to hearing more over the coming weeks 

For more information on the Sea Strike 16, please click HERE