Wednesday 13 October 2021

Justin's Sea Strike 16 (Australia)

Its great to see another launching last week. This time from Justin who lives in Toowoomba and his Sea Strike 16.

He writes:

"Hi Guys and Mark.

Well Monday was the Day I received my Boat back after having the motor install ,and I got the boat wet as well.

Not the best weather as the water was very choppy with the wind, but I must say she was quite composed and cut through the chop with out breaking a sweat. Even Troy from Brisbane Marine was very impressed with the handling. I will post better photos and movie clips when I get out to our local dams .

With small stints of full open throttle to test rpm range we reached speeds of 65 Kph ( 35 kts). I will be getting better motor spec later as I get more comfortable with the boat. Talking to Mark Last Night will be getting trim tabs next month if minister of finance allows.

Well enjoy photos"

Great to see you and your family having fun Justin.

Looking forward to seeing more in the near future mate

Have fun