Sunday 12 March 2023

Dave's RipTide cx-457 - Gone Fishin' (Australia)


Hi Guys, 

Just a few fishy pics out of the "Ebb Tide", unfortunately they weren't caught by me but by a gun fisho neighbor that had been following my build from a respectable distance. we caught up, i invited him out and he showed me his style of fishing, which is flicking lures in and around moored boats, jetties and pontoons.

Just a note, racing back to the ramp, I noticed him bracing for impact as we were about to hit the wake of one of those floating gin palaces and was pleasantly surprised that his teeth hadn't rattled out of his skull, a dry ride as well. (LOL)

Dave GP

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Desmond's Cruise Control 5.2 (Australia)


Its great to see yet another Cruise Control 5.2 launching, this time from Desmond in Townsville

He writes:

G'day, Recently, my mate and I splashed my 'dreamboat'.

Launched at the ramp inside Townsville Harbour. Yahoo! Outside though, it was rougher than the forecast.

Being restricted to varying rpm up to 2000 max. for the first hour, meant a bit of slamming. Not a drop on us though !!

Getting close to the hour, it started raining, so we puttered back in. Straight after the monsoon, happening now, should be good weather. Next time I'll be a bit more organised and get some photos. Des