Saturday 9 March 2019

Tim’s Broadwater 5.1 (Australia)

Its great to see yet another Broadwater 5.1 hit the water, this time from Tim in Victoria.
He writes:
SPLASHED! We did a few trials in the harbour at Coffs two weeks ago to check out the position of the motor etc and were very happy with the results.
Today we headed outside for a run in a bumpy sea with a north easterly swell. I guess it is no surprise
that a boat designed by Mark performed brilliantly. Soft landings after punching into the swell and so balanced with two of us fishing, at times from the same side.

The photos today are just a start, off to Forster next week so expect to have a video of the boat
performing during our time there. Like the builders who have gone before me, I remain in awe of Mark's knowledge and the access to him through the forum or a phone call.
Many of you have also shared advice and a few tips along the way so a big thanks toy all.

The best to you all,

For more information about the Broadwater 5.1, please click HERE