Saturday 29 August 2015

Haydn’s EdgeTracker 426 (Australia)


We just received these photo's from Haydn from 1770 up in Central Queensland
and his EdgeTracker 426. He sent in a short video as well !! Looks great Haydn

He writes:
Very funny thing happened as I was going to get the boat and return to the ramp.
A bloke was there with his kids and made the comment that the kids were really
enjoying the boat and then said, do you mind telling me how much you paid for it?

I said that I had built it myself. His response was priceless....

He said wow, you built it? It looks like a real one....ummmm I mean it looks so shiny
hmmmm... and then he went quiet.

As for any quirks, I haven't driven a tiller for a while and this is by far the largest
hp tiller I have had. It has taken a while but I am getting used to how it handles and
just how far I am willing to push it. It is not a design thing, it is a personal courage thing..... 😯

The more I drive it.. the more I love it. I went offshore the other day and I was getting
close to skipping across the wave tops before I decided to slow down a little.

Just need to get some blood on it now. 

Check out the stability of the EdgeTracker 426 and its 20 degree deadrise hull !!

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