Thursday 13 March 2014

Lachie's EdgeTracker 487 (Australia)

Its great to see yet another EdgeTracker 487 being launched this week. This time from Lachie down in Melbourne (Vic).
He writes:

Well the day has finally come! My dad and I took her out from St Kilda this morning. Very stable at rest as I let the new engine idle for 5 mins.  We spent nearly 2hrs at under 3000rpm to break the motor in which didn't get up on the plane. Then another 1hr under 4000rpm. Had a bit of a play at higher revs but the northerly picked up to above 20knts. It handled the chop no worries, the spray shoots off the chines and it was a pretty dry ride. 

Hey guys, thought I should share some of my experiences in the ET487 "Tiktaalik".

I am now getting 31 knots at around 6000 rpm with 1 person
and about 29 knots @ 5800 rpm with 2 people and full load (approx 200kg)

Feels like a lot faster than 31 knots with the wind in your face, its a bit of a rush but you really need to pay attention at that speed.

I have been out just about every suitable day since launch and am racking up the hours and fish. I took it offshore at Port fairy last weekend and trolled around all day and went about 13 miles offshore and only used about 45 litres!
The trip out was pretty rough, but the ET487 ate the chop for breakfast. It is such a soft and quiet ride. We copped a bit of spray that day but that's expected in an open boat in those conditions. It is a very dry boat.
Managed a few small Bluefin Tuna on light tackle ,which was fun and a mate just missed one on the fly rod.

Also been getting a few Kingfish as well.

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