Friday 26 August 2022

David's RipTide CX-457 (Australia)

Hi Guys,,

Couldn't help myself, took a break from much needed house maintenance yesterday and had an unofficial splashing, sorry, no pics yet, still waiting on logos and decals. I must say that even though I am just running the motor in, the ride of the Riptide was soft and super smooth, extremely happy so far. Hopefully the next time it hits the water it will be fully dressed and I'll be able to hit full throttle, even if its just briefly. might perch my brother on a marker buoy so i can get some obligatory external pics (LOL) In reality, I'm probably doing a solo trip again.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone watching my build this last 15 months, to thank those that have offered support and guidance and last but not least, to Mark for the huge amount of information that' made this experience so enjoyable.

Cheers Dave GP

Congratulations Dave on your launching . She looks great mate. As for your build, thanks for your kind words and appreciation of support and guidance throughout the process. Your welcome.

Looking forward to seeing more of your boat on the water and your fishing adventures  in he future

Regards Mark

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Josh’s Sea Strike 16 (New Zealand)


Hi all,

Motors fitted and water tested, ended up with the 90 hp. It may look a bit low in the back , but I had  forgotten to connect one of the deck drain hoses (whoops) so had a bit of extra ballast. However a positive is that the boat performed better than I expected (with all that extra "water" weight) and will only be better next time I take it out and... reconnect the drain hoses (LOL).

 The Yamaha dealer seemed very happy with the prop efficiency and I can imagine even more when i don't have a boat with the deck hatches full of water. Still have a bit of work to go with grab rails, rod holders, bimini, bow rail and the floor to go ... oh... and also the name and some graphics. Will be getting some more pictures soon.

Congrats on the splash Josh. Your Sea Strike 16 looks great mate !!

Yes, with all that water sloshing around , it will make for a stern heavy boat. (Whooops). Positive point though.. at least you've flooded the boat and know she doesn't sink, floats level and passes compliance (LOL). Get that water out and then see what happens.... ZOOM

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more in the future