Friday 12 February 2021

Mor’s Sea Strike 16 (Israel)


Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 hit the water, this time from Mor in Israel.

He writes:

All the big jobs are done and the engine is installed 60HP Yamaha.
The boat is 800 Kg total (with fuel and engine) - it is amassing how Mark told that number before we started to build.
Now we are waiting for the test in the water and registrations.

Finally we have got the License and the boat is on the water.
Now we need to look for the big fish 😀
The boat with 2 people and full tank sit 1-2 mm above the flat chain.

We had choppy sea and I was afraid to push up to the end of the throttle (still learning), so we got on 5000 RPM 40 Km/h around 25 mp/h around 4000 RPM we go planning and the boat keep her course nicely. We have 60HP  4 stroke YAMAHA

Mark and Friends - thanks for all you help and advice.
Mark, thanks for you to be patient with all my requests !!!!

After few fishing trips with that boat I have to say - It is a PERFECT boat !!!!
it is amazing how great it is !
we are in love.

Finally Trophy Fish on our SS16