Saturday 17 September 2022

Michael’s Pro Tournament 21 (South Africa)


A few months ago I launched my boat. It went well and I was pleased to finally have it on the water.

There are a couple of small things to sort out, such as prop selection and alignment of the motors but unfortunately the weather has been terrible the past few months and I have not always been able to get out over the weekends to test and resolve the issues.

The trims on the motors failed and I have been waiting 2 months for the parts to arrive so it can be fixed. Once this is done and weather conditions have improved, I will be able to get out more and do some proper fishing.

Thank you Mark and everyone on the forum for all the assistance throughout the years. It has been greatly appreciated and without it I would not have been able to complete this project.


Congratulations Michael on your launching mate. Wow.. she looks like a weapon mate. You did an awesome job of building her, Thanks for your kind words and appreciation of support and guidance throughout the process. Your welcome.

Looking forward to seeing more of your boat on the water and your fishing adventures  in the future

Regards Mark