Tuesday 22 December 2015

Shane's Mushulu 14 (Australia)


Great to see another Mushulu 14 being splashed. This time from Shane in QLD

Launched my little boat a couple of days ago. Went very nicely with 4 of us on board. Went up onto a plane well. I got a 30hp Yamaha (I asked for the 25hp, but the 30hp was on special and actually $200 cheaper). My kids loved sitting up the front as we were planning.

Have since got a bimini and some rod holders and some railings to put on. Will take some video next time we are out, after Christmas.

(Further added)

I have had my Mushulu 14 for 7 years now and it has not missed a beat. Fishing, tubing, cruising, hitting abandoned oyster leases, and the boat is going as strong as ever. The only 2 things I have added to it is some shelves between the 2 seats, and just finished putting on spray rails,