Sunday 23 July 2023

Grants Sea Strike 16 (Australia)

 Great to see yet another launching.. Grants Sea Strike 16.!!
He writes:

G'day all,

The first launch happened yesterday. Great day for a run on the river for the first time with Leisa (wife) we had calm water at the ramp and once in the water I officially gave the bow a christening with a brew and we jumped in and were underway.

Have to say its a feeling hard to describe ,wrapped in many ways. After making our way though the no wash zone I gave her a little and we were on the plan. Cold wind and chop head on, no worries. The boat feels so solid and just moves quietly through the water. Our trip was mixed conditions and with the wind hitting us on the port side the boat had a slight lean to windward part of the way so it was a perfect opportunity to try the trim tabs to level it out, no worries ...easy as.

I took the motor gradually through the whole torque curve and eventually WOT briefly. To my calcs 29.7 kts.  Five hours variable speed is required to start the run in on the Suzie.

Today out again with a mate to put some more time on the clock. Another good river run finishing with a run up the break walls to the bar entrance with a large breaking swell on the bar and swell rolling down the the walls it was a glimpse to how it will travel outside. Bloody awesome. Can't wait to go again.

Special thanks to Mark for making my dream a fantastic realty.

She looks awesome mate !!!

First fish on Grey Matter. Nice little flatty

A week later...

Hello all, 
Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm loving my sea strike 16. Took her out on her biggest run to sea, out to our local fad. The conditions were meant to be calm till mid afternoon , the wind picked up early and continued building to 30 knot + south Easter.

Ran into Tim and his sea strike 18 ( Lines out ). He had two mates onboard and at one stage I marveled at the stability of his boat watching all three of them fishing on one side, no trouble at all. Tim pulled the pin and headed for home and I followed not long after. My boat handled it so well. I had the trim tab on the wind side down around 2 thirds and the boat just punched along beautifully.

Anyway, just a few words to inspire fellow builders. Just know your in for a treat when you finish your build.

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